Five steps to renting an apartment


Determine how much you can afford to pay in rent

    1. Calculate your monthly gross (before tax)  income and divide it by three.
    2. That is roughly how landlords determine if you can afford the monthly rent.
    3. Determine where you would like to live.


Call Tiffany at 973-460-4674 and tell me that you are looking for an apartment

    1. We will discuss where you would like to live and how much you can afford to pay.
    2. We will also talk about the costs of moving:
      1. NTN background check for each adult who will reside in the home (and/or co-signers if needed) costs $32 per person and is completed at  (case sensitive) or using the link found on my website .
      2. Depending on the apartment, the broker fee is paid by the tenant. This fee is often equal  to one month’s rent.
      3. The first month's rent is collected once a landlord accepts a tenant.
      4. Tenant security deposits equal to 1 ½ month’s rent is usually collected once a landlord accepts a tenant.
      5. You can estimate paying 3.5 times the rent amount in order to move into your new apartment. 
        1. *Sometimes landlords agree to pay all or some of the broker fee which would be a savings to you.


I will set up a RealScout search for you which emails you listings which match your requirements as they enter the market.

    1. When there is an apartment you’d like to see, you may simply click the button on the listing which says request a viewing.
    2. I will request your appointment with the listing agent and once confirmed, I’ll send you a detailed calendar invite for our appointment.


Once we find an apartment you like, we will submit your NTN report and proof of income for the landlord to review along with the terms of the rental as needed. (i.e. looking to move on a non-standard date (15th of the month) or negotiating when the move-in costs are paid).


If the landlord agrees to rent their apartment to you, here are the next steps:

    1. Review and sign the lease agreement.
    2. All monies collected are either Official Bank Checks or Money Orders.
    3. You will sign a w9 confirming your Tax ID number so that your new landlord can open a tenant security account in your name.
    4. You should have a Renters Insurance policy in effect for your new home on the date you get the keys.