Homeowner Your home deserves professional photography If the listing agent you meet with wants to take photos of your home with a flip phone….RUN! That is definitely an indicator of someone who does not have the skills to fully market your home at the level that you deserve. You may think I’m joking but I promise you I have seen listings […]
Homeowner To stage or not to stage? That is the question. Staging or home editing is something that we will discuss usually during your listing consultation or possibly after you’ve already signed listing paperwork. Ultimately, it’s something that needs to be discussed before your home enters the market. Sometimes homes are not only in great condition but they also have a style […]
Homeowner Should you tackle the “honey do” list before selling your home? Your home is only new to the market one time so let’s make sure buyers are wowed by your home online. During the listing consultation, we often take notes about the condition of the home in order to have a reference point for getting the listing ready for professional photography. It’s better to have some […]
Education I am Proud to be a 2023 Committee Member of REBI I am excited to have been chosen as a 2023 Committee Member of REBI. I will work specifically with the Member Engagement Committee as we ensure members feel supported and have the tools they need to showcase their well-earned designation. This committee will meet at least twice for in-person conferences at various locations in the […]
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