HomeownerListing January 30, 2023

Your home deserves professional photography

If the listing agent you meet with wants to take photos of your home with a flip phone….RUN!

That is definitely an indicator of someone who does not have the skills to fully market your home at the level that you deserve. You may think I’m joking but I promise you I have seen listings which appear to have been taken with a flip phone. The photos were so bad that I could tell the agent had not used one of today’s modern smartphones. That’s unacceptable. It’s also unacceptable to have blurry photos of homes or pictures that don’t really give a buyer a clear understanding of what they are looking at or a true idea of the homes character. Occasionally, some listing lack thoughtfulness. A good example are the times I’ve seen listings that have toilets with the seats up. That’s just plain awful.

I’ve also noticed plenty of homes that have photos which include people, the homeowner or possibly tenants, who appear in these photos online which honestly violates our MLS (multiple listing service) rules and regulations. That’s definitely a big no no. At the end of the day what’s really important is working with a realtor who understands the value of professional photography and they’re willing to coordinate with a professional photographer so that your home looks great on the market. Remember, your home is only new one time on the MLS. Let’s make it count.

Make sure buyers who are looking online see your home in a beautiful light. Buyers should understand the flow of the home based on the photos and the videography and know that they’re really interested in seeing it in person and making an offer and ultimately purchasing that home.

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