HomeownerListing January 23, 2023

To stage or not to stage?

That is the question.

Staging or home editing is something that we will discuss usually during your listing consultation or possibly after you’ve already signed listing paperwork. Ultimately, it’s something that needs to be discussed before your home enters the market. Sometimes homes are not only in great condition but they also have a style which is aesthetically pleasing and will look great in listing photography and videography.

As a homeowner you may think that having a stager come into your home means that the realtor doesn’t like your home furniture. That’s actually contrary to how we often feel. When a listing agent hires a stager or chooses to take on that role if they’re qualified, That’s a great indicator of a professional who understands what it takes to grab the attention of today’s buyers. I often tell my clients that your home is only new to the market one time period we have to make sure that time counts.

It’s also important to note that you should not take staging or home editing personally. Home editing is when your furniture and furnishings are actually really good options for listing photography but we might need to remove some items that are a distraction in listing photography. Sometimes there are changes that we need to make to a room as simple as removing personal effects off of tables and counters. Other times it’s something as simple or possibly complicated as rearranging furniture that you already have versus paying to have items placed in your home. There are so many different ways to make sure a home looks great online, partner with your agent to ensure that your home sells for the highest price and best overall terms.

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